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8 traffic violations on Lankan roads you may not know of

Driving in Sri Lanka can be more than a little tricky. While we know some of the main offenses and fines, there are a few smaller ones you may not have known of.  We attended a weekend seminar organised by the City Traffic Police Quarters in Colombo recently and made a list of some lesser known violations, so you could avoid getting fined.   

1. It is an offense to park your vehicle across parallel parking spots with one part of the vehicle on the road or on the pavement. The fine for this offense is LKR. 500.

2. It is an offense to cut across to a lane in which traffic is moving in the opposite direction to park your vehicle on that side. The fine for this offense is LKR. 500. 

3. You cannot park on the yellow (crossing) line. Ideally, your vehicle must be parked within 15 meters of the yellow line. (If there is space to park).

4. Where there is a box junction, your vehicle cannot stop in the box junction or block the box junction. This is not a fineable offense but a police officer does have the power to pull you up.

5. At a junction where there is a lane to turn to the left, you must keep to the right track and not block others who may wish to use the lane to turn left. The fine for this offense is LKR. 500.

Some other facts to concern

6. If a policeman comes and intimidates you or accuses you of an offense you didn’t commit, it is advisable to give your license to the officer and go to the nearest police station and file a complaint. You will be asked to provide evidence of your innocence; for this purpose all drivers should use a dash cam in their vehicles.

7. A diamond sign on the road before a crossing line means that there is a crossing line ahead and this is a signal for drivers to reduce their speed.

8. Contrary to popular belief, a single policeman can pull you up. It is a must to provide your license when asked, even if there is only one policeman.

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